Recently a vulnerability in the SSLv3 protocol was discovered by Google researchers, which allows to decrypt session keys and, as a consequence, read confidential information. Much like the 2011 BEAST attack, this man-in-the-middle attack enforces an SSLv3 connection, although your Browser and the server on the other end may support higher/newer protocols.

Further information:

It is strongly recommended to deactivate SSL 3.0 completely in your Browser and on any server. You can check here, if your server configuration needs to be updated:

NEW You can also bulk check multiple servers.

Vulnerable Server

Until now we found 1974 servers vulnerable to the POODLE attack. The most recent additions to this list are:

Server Service letzte Prüfung
nimitbhulku.com https
dzmail.ccc.dz https
sz01.opb.de https
admissions.comsats.edu.pk https
api1.comsats.edu.pk https
api3.comsats.edu.pk https
mail.bemo.ch https
kariyerim.logo.com.tr https
staging.atrain.com https
staging.atrain.com https
digital.atrain.com https
sanjoseinmobiliaria.es https
nitrd.nic.in https
isesaaudiovisual.com https
e-konsept.com https