Recently a vulnerability in the SSLv3 protocol was discovered by Google researchers, which allows to decrypt session keys and, as a consequence, read confidential information. Much like the 2011 BEAST attack, this man-in-the-middle attack enforces an SSLv3 connection, although your Browser and the server on the other end may support higher/newer protocols.

Further information:

It is strongly recommended to deactivate SSL 3.0 completely in your Browser and on any server. You can check here, if your server configuration needs to be updated:

NEW You can also bulk check multiple servers.

Vulnerable Server

Until now we found 9147 servers vulnerable to the POODLE attack. The most recent additions to this list are:

Server Service letzte Prüfung
ssp-na.covance.com https
refinance5g.shutterfly.com https
mail.htico.ir https
roofingatlanta7v.shutterfly.com https
tour.mdk-bb.de https
healthcheck.arkesystems.com https
healthcheck.arkesystems.com https
arkewebsite.cloudapp.net https
dchcjdoftemecula.com https
cloud.cardassoc.com https
mail.neftekhimia.ru https
autodiscover.erdgas-muenster.de https
mail.gerhardtbraun.com https
www.htl.ro https
vdi.dacadoo.com https